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ok readers, this is a story that I'm doing on wattpad. this is actually my first story too, it's about: horror, revenge, high school, murder, fiction and yes it will have language and maybe sexual scenes & nudity (maybe).

this is what it's about. . .

They say that high school is supposed to be the fun years of your life and you should enjoy it before going out into the real world, well it wasn't like that for Angel.
For as long as she can remember Angel has always been the victim of bullies her mom, Sara, has always been called 'the witch' because she's Sara's only child people would call her 'the devils child, monster and freak'. Its high school senior year and Halloween is coming up, Angel has gotten tired of the bullies and decides to get her revenge. Everyone thinks they know angel but angel has a secret  one that she never told anyone about, she has telekinesis and she sees things that no one else does, heck she even talks to her 'other self' Demona so what better time is there then to give them a good scare? After all it is Halloween.

                                                               Angel & Demona:

Chapter 1: Birth:

It was a beautiful day in Winstonville, the sun was shining the birds were singing and the people were out and about but one particular child was out riding on his tricycle drowning out the sounds of his mother calling out to her son in desperate.

"Trey Adams you get back here this instant!" His mom sighed and went to fetch her son, the boy, Trey, knew that his mother was coming for him. Enjoying the little time left he rode his tricycle on the road "trey get back here right now" his mother yelled from behind.

He passes by a parked 1957 Chevrolet unaware of who it did belong to and not caring about it, he just wants to have fun. "Trey, come over here this instant" his mom called out to him but like a 7 year old boy he didn't listen.

"Trey! Don't go over there!" Mom sounded scared of where he was going "mommy mommy look at me" trey sounded excited and smiled when he did ride up a sidewalk and passed by a mailbox getting faster by the second "mommy are you looking at me?" Trey looked behind him to see if his mom was watching him. She wasn't but instead she came running towards him, not paying attention trey's tricycle front wheel fell into a small hole in the sidewalk causing him to fall down.

He fell on his back, scraping his elbow and knee, his helmet made contact with the sidewalk instead of his head. "Mommy" he called out but he didn't hear her come to his aid, the boy pushed his tricycle off of him when he stood up taking in all his surroundings the tree, grass even the house does look terrible it was as if the life was sucked out of it.

The tree was long, tall and lifeless there were no leaves growing on it not even in the time of spring and even worse it did look like there are faces in the tree. The grass, there was no grass just mostly dirt and roots of the tree growing out, holes made and not filled as if they are fresh graves for those who trespass but the house was in no better shape. The two story house, with a built in garage and a master bedroom above where the window is open. The wood is rotting away, the once bright yellow color is fading away and peeling off revealing the nasty rotten wood and holes in the wood. Trey had also noticed that there is another room, a room that you can see through the broken window that somehow is turning black and with just from the sidewalk he can see a strange drawing on the wall.

But he was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard a scream come from the first window "trey, come on we are going home" his mother finally reached trey picking him up into his arms and carrying him away in such a rush but not escaping from the sound of another scream. "Who is that mommy?" Trey ask curious "no one you need to worry about sweetie" she dared not to look back.

Inside the house:

The living room was small with a TV box on a nightstand in one corner, a small bookshelf next to it filled with magazines, small potted plants and old fashioned wooden angels. In the other corner is a two seat couch with stains and small holes forming in, the rooms color held a dark brown chocolate.

The kitchen is a good sized for a small family, a once worn out carpet now turning brown laid on the floor, several roaches laid dead on the floor flies were hovering in the corner of a dead rat. The kitchen table is filled with clean and dirty pots and pans, spilling over each other, the kitchen counter top is filled with papers, bills and books ripped open and torn apart. The color of the room held pink and continues to shine bright.

The hallway closet remade in the cross room filled with picture of Jesus, Angels, Michael and Mother Theresa. There is a small place to pray to the lord for forgiveness, for such a green room! It seemed peaceful and quiet.

Yet upstairs was a different story, one room remained locked but in that room there is signs omens and pictures of the devil. Chains, knives and red candles half gone are in the room as is small droplets of blood.

In the master bedroom there is not much one large painting of Jesus on the cross, a bed with a bed sheet on the floor, a night stand with only scissors and a broken window turning black. The color of the room is yellow slowly fading away.

A scream was heard.

She laid sitting upright on the bed wearing a worn out green flower dress covered in sweat, tears and blood. trying to force herself to focus on the picture of Jesus nailed to the cross. "Our father who art in heaven-" she screams in pain "hallow be my name, god what have I done to deserve this!?" She breathes in heavily, a contraction emerged stronger than the last one. "Sara Heinsten you have let the devil inside!!"

Sara Heinsten, the witch, many have called her because she has worshipped the devil and Jesus was in labor. "Dear lord" she breathes in "forgive me for the sins I have and will commit" she said looking once again at the picture of Jesus on the cross, immediately reaching for the scissors on the night stand and screaming in pain. Sara raised her hand high, scissors facing down on her bulging stomach ready strike at the unborn baby, she breathes in and out when putting down the scissors.

"No I can't do this, god could never forgive me for such a sin" another scream emerged as well as tears flowed down her cheeks. What seemed like forever finally came to end when she felt a huge relief and the last pain she wouldn't feel again, her stomach had flattened back to almost its normal size. "Thank you dear god, thank you!" She said panting in relief and sheer joy, Sara grip the scissors in her hands tighter and immediately did strike once more at the new life that had come into the world but stop herself from killing the innocent life.

"No. . . no you devil, I will not let you take this child from me" Sara drop the scissors on the floor soon followed by a thump, she picked up the baby and held the small infant in her arms and she could tell the baby's gender. "A girl" Sara smiles "its a baby girl, dear Jesus" she looks at the picture of Jesus "you gave me a baby girl lord, you hear that you wretched devil I will not let you take away this child as you did with my husband, let that bastard rot in hell for all I care just long as it isn't my baby girl Angel Rose Heinsten".


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